Mujeres and Women

Expensive is discussed mujeres and women, much is said over it, even to the calendar there is a day devoted to mujeres and women, you will find there’s Secretary of state for Women, but nothing changes for the children in populated areas, where women are almost a slave, a servant and savagely beaten, battered because of the husband.

Many talk about this being that complements us and allows the continuation on the human species and that this fact alone the many world should consume a subsidy of health insurance gratuito.Pero isn’t. Their state cares almost no legislation to guard truth.

Not punished severely abuse against women in any formas.Hay slow to punish the thugs that kill and kill almost for sport. They are saying that in Peru 47% of which suffer violence, and that is alarming.

The significance of women is that without, mankind would not exist, and could well be gone.

Without women we would be no men on this planet because we have been nothing alone, or serve for humanity. Man alone on this planet would’ve ended quickly become extinct.

Value of mujeres is that it is good for man a companion, friend, wife, lover, our complement, that’s what it is and should be. It is a being who deserves the very best care, protection and respect, by his divine capability to procreate, to carry on the species. Something today nobody recognizes or understands how to value.

The deaths of girls by their spouses are impressive, and is also within a country like ours, just a little sample of the culture, our barbarism, that there are still a civilized society, the west is anemic, in terrible .

In Honduras women’s deaths to date this season and amounted to 80. Compared to the prior year the figure has risen to Ten %, statistically Femicide Unit prosecutors.

The authorities in command of that unit reported that eight to nine women will be killed on a monthly basis inside the Sula Valley, many of them in San Pedro Sula, probably the most alarming is they are teenagers aged 16 to 18.

Many of these gang members have committed the murders of ladies by different móviles.En Peru killed by their spouses, stepparents, miserable surely born of an hyena, and not a female.

Unfortunately society, the appearance of cinema and television, by using the media, girls have made in merely a little bit of meat, extremely helpful for presentation of the most extremely heinous, cruel, trampling their dignity, making in mere a physical object of morbid pleasure.

The following is why criminal groups, see included only a creature, yet not a human being. Over is for countless wild, only one object. Plus an object could be disposed of, discarded, destruido.Se sees women as something that serves simply for lovemaking and zilch else.

But the woman is but an ass, but a physique, is a marvellous filled with life, who wants to share, for affection, love which is ready to link their fate to a man who’s the courage to adore and respect . She actually is all tenderness, gentleness and dedication to your death for love.

We’ve beautiful women in Peru, as indeed also in Spain, Colombia, Chile, United states of america, but we really do not value them and employ them for purposes darkest, to be sold as a commodity erotic, in addition to the freaks who live beating them, humillándolas, maltratándolas morally, so to speak mother’s daughters.

The significance of this woman which is always more thoughtful, old man, is definitely more responsible, hard should you have an excellent education lets a person to submit the recess on top of the humble understanding that someone is her husband. The importance of the woman is she who is raising our kids, our firstborn, our kids and protects them, educates, accompanied, therefore we must give our work, the circumstances to satisfy a great role in the family and society.

We must see the woman along with other eyes, human eyes and stop abuse her, beat her, humiliate her, but rather give place deemos she belongs: “be corresponding to men in all of the male.” Ending his moral abuse, physical, psychological.

Women have today a vital put in place society. It’s got proven to be wanting to lead a nation, to direct the destiny of an country, to legislate, to manage, for being leader of opinion, it shines to all fields.

It’s confirmed to be more skillful compared to the male, even smarter and most importantly honest. Mujeres tend to be hard to be corrupted by political power, negotiated, therefore we must think seriously about Peru, to present the opportunity as other individuals, to guide the nation’s destiny

Waiting for the elections coming in 2011 and continue to give all Peruvians, who let’s choose the girl eyes and provide them the opportunity “lead the country.” Look at the illustration showing Michel Vachelet cute, Indira Gandhi, Golda Mayer and there are others who’ve assumed roles of first order into their countries.

Check out just a beautiful woman, educated, adult, as Angela Merkel, Alemania.Que and has held positions worth focusing on in the political field, also others like Eva Peron, as beautiful and intelligent.

Should you say you like a woman, your partner, give food, clothing, education, protection, that’s your duty. Will not do it, it is simply a demonstration within your little manhood, the soul of rodent you’ve got.

In the event you say you cherish your sweetheart ever smite not, because that does merely prove you’re a wretch, a coward, a reptile.

In the event you say you like ladies and love your daughters, not treat them as servants, respect them, give them everything they should grow into success life: “education and cases.”

When you say you love the woman you loved your daughters plus your wife, don’t drink such as a fool until he lost consciousness and turn into a gorilla, a being nasty, violent and also a criminal. It can be immoral to spend cash on liquor and drugs. The family, your wives at home, wife, daughters are primero.No forget.

No more enjoyable than going out with women you adore, the ones from the family unit to dinner, stroll throughout the countryside, take pictures, play, laugh.

Should you say you’re keen on women, it is going to respect the police, the mayor, the political, the professional, because they really in your mother, who’s going to be also women as with it the germ ellas.Veras wonderful does humanity endure.

The men who are brutal to mujeres , look like born of “a dog in a garbage dump,” but not one so sublime as women. ”

The primary looked into the Greeks, Eros and Logos are inseparable. Thought, the Logos, will be fruitless without Eros, and this also devoid of the Logos would’ve no direction, no shape, the attraction could well be meaningless without passion or perhaps the local mission. Minus the presence on the feminine, the masculine principle is injured superiority life deteriorates. Once the female just isn’t recognized, not the renewal of life.

We love to real women, respecting them, without blows or maltreatment own miserable cowards and never forget they are the explanation for arsenic intoxication humanity, that passing day, whether or not this advances the progress has to start another a location of privilege, to that particular being wonderful it is, “women”.

Of course that don’t have them, life could well be bitter, tasteless, we would donrrrt you have the courage along with the encouragement we need to keep walking through life.

Lots of men changed their behavior significantly whenever they met the girl of his dreams, his life. Tranbsformacion suffered total.

I wait patiently and with faith, your day he finds over of my well being, young, beautiful, passionate, burning like fire, good mother, desirous to add, not subtract, multiply prepared to never divide our life, but match to meet up with the Creator and continue there, in eternity, loving madly, just like the first-time.

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